The research area of Interaction Lab includes human-computer interaction, mobile & wearable computing,  social computing/interaction, and multimedia information retrieval.

XR Interaction

Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere!

Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality
Virtual Reality

Eye Tracking & Gaze Interaction

 I Know What You See

Seamless Interaction
Mobile & Wearable Interaction
Gaze Prediction

Brain-Computer Interface

 Think! and Do!

Understanding Human Intents
Device Interaction
Signal Processing

Mobile / Wearable Computing and Interaction

 Play with Everything around Us!

Service Recommendation
Mobile & Wearable Search Experience
Data Intelligence
Internet of Things

Multimedia Information Retrieval

  How to capture the context of multimedia contents?

Visual Recognition
Image / Video Retrieval & Recommendation
Search Intent Prediction
Search Results Organization
UI & UX for Multimedia Information Retrieval

Social Computing and Interaction

  Who does What? and Why?

Social Media Retrieval
Question Answering
Trend Analysis
Information Seeking