New research grant from NRF!
We got a new research funding granted from National Research Foundation of Korea!Research Theme: "Development of Evaluation and Adaptive Interaction F..
Two papers accepted to 2023 ACM CHI as LBW!
Our papers were accepted to the LBW track of 2023 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)!1) "Tingle Just for You: A Prelimi..
Received "Outstanding Technology Award" from KIRD competitio..
Our team received "Outstanding Technology Award" from KIRD Startup Challenge !Congratulations!
One paper accepted to ECCV workshop on Affective Behavior An..
Our paper "Ensemble of Multi-task Learning Networks for Facial Expression Recognition In-the-Wild with Learning from Synthetic Data" by Jae-Yeop Jeong..
Received two outstanding paper awards!
Sumin received an outstanding paper award (undergraduate) from KICS!Paper: Deformable DETR 을 활용한 서적 손상 탐지 기법 구현Link: KICS AwardJiYeon received an outs..
Won 3rd place at 4th ABAW competition! (ECCV2022)
IXLAB team (Jae-Yeop Jeong, Yeong-Gi Hong, JiYeon Oh, Sumin Hong, and Jin-Woo Jeong) won 3rd place at ABAW 2022 competition! (The 4rd workshop and com..
New funding granted by KIRD Real-Challenge 2022 project!
Our team (Jae-Yeop Jeong, Ha-Yeong Yoon, Yoeng-Gi Hong, Daun Kim) received a new research project funding from KIRD!Research Project: Knock-Knock!Cong..
One paper accepted to IEEE EMBC 2022
Our paper "Classification of Breast Cancer Images with Vision Transformers" has been accepted to Cancers (SCI, IF:6.639)Congratulations to the authors..
One paper accepted to Cancers (SCI, IF:6.639)
Our paper "Automatic Cancer Cell Taxonomy using An Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks" has been accepted to Cancers (SCI, IF:6.639)Congratulations to th..
One paper accepted to CVPR workshop on Affective Behavior An..
Our paper "Classification of Facial Expression In-the-Wild based on Ensemble of Multi-head Cross Attention Networks" by Jae-Yeop Jeong, Yeong-Gi Hong,..
New funding granted by WISET 2022 project
Our team (Ha-Yeong Yoon, Daun Kim, Sumin Hong, Jiyeon Oh, Jiheun Seo) received a research project funding from WISET!Research Project: Development of ..
Won 2nd place at ABAW 2022!
IXLAB team (Jae-Yeop Jeong, Yeong-Gi Hong, Daun Kim, and Jin-Woo Jeong) won 2nd place at ABAW (The 3rd workshop and competition on affective behavior ..
One paper accepted at ACM ETRA workshop on Eye-tracking in L..
Our paper "Visualizing Instructor's Gaze Information for Online Video-based Learning: Preliminary Study" by Daun Kim, Jae-Yeop Jeong, Sumin Hong, Nams..