Received two outstanding paper awards!
Sumin received an outstanding paper award (undergraduate) from KICS!Paper: Deformable DETR 을 활용한 서적 손상 탐지 기법 구현Link: KICS AwardJiYeon received an outs..
Won 3rd place at 4th ABAW competition! (ECCV2022)
IXLAB team (Jae-Yeop Jeong, Yeong-Gi Hong, JiYeon Oh, Sumin Hong, and Jin-Woo Jeong) won 3rd place at ABAW 2022 competition! (The 4rd workshop and com..
New funding granted by KIRD Real-Challenge 2022 project!
Our team (Jae-Yeop Jeong, Ha-Yeong Yoon, Yoeng-Gi Hong, Daun Kim) received a new research project funding from KIRD!Research Project: Knock-Knock!Cong..
One paper accepted to IEEE EMBC 2022
Our paper "Classification of Breast Cancer Images with Vision Transformers" has been accepted to Cancers (SCI, IF:6.639)Congratulations to the authors..
One paper accepted to Cancers (SCI, IF:6.639)
Our paper "Automatic Cancer Cell Taxonomy using An Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks" has been accepted to Cancers (SCI, IF:6.639)Congratulations to th..
One paper accepted to CVPR workshop on Affective Behavior An..
Our paper "Classification of Facial Expression In-the-Wild based on Ensemble of Multi-head Cross Attention Networks" by Jae-Yeop Jeong, Yeong-Gi Hong,..
New funding granted by WISET 2022 project
Our team (Ha-Yeong Yoon, Daun Kim, Sumin Hong, Jiyeon Oh, Jiheun Seo) received a research project funding from WISET!Research Project: Development of ..
Won 2nd place at ABAW 2022!
IXLAB team (Jae-Yeop Jeong, Yeong-Gi Hong, Daun Kim, and Jin-Woo Jeong) won 2nd place at ABAW (The 3rd workshop and competition on affective behavior ..
One paper accepted at ACM ETRA workshop on Eye-tracking in L..
Our paper "Visualizing Instructor's Gaze Information for Online Video-based Learning: Preliminary Study" by Daun Kim, Jae-Yeop Jeong, Sumin Hong, Nams..